Management Team
Paul J. Crowe

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Crowe founded NuView Life Sciences in 2005 and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Crowe’s experience includes start-up and early-stage healthcare company development, strategic planning, capital formation, M&A, and public offerings.  Mr. Crowe’s career includes senior executive sales and management positions for domestic and multi-national healthcare companies who introduced (a) diagnostic ultrasound in 1973 for Rohe Ultrasound – NV Philips Medical Systems; (b) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI) in 1983 for Diasonics NMR Inc.; and (c) mobile positron emission tomography (PET) in 1999 for Mobile P.E.T. Systems Inc., Between 1986 and 1999 Mr. Crowe developed and operated outpatient medical service provider businesses, including diagnostic imaging facilities and gamma knife radio surgery facilities, and currently serves on the Board of Radiosurgical Centers of San Diego located at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Stephane Allard, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Stephane Allard, M.D. serves as our Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Allard also served in executive positions at Sanofi-Synthelabo, Synthelabo, Inc. and Lorex Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Allard received his medical doctorate from Rouen Medical College and received a Diplomate of CESAM (Certificate of Statistical Studies Applied to Medicine) and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics (Pitie Salpetriere Hospital); Paris, France. Medical Officer 35 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, and President of Synthelabo. Dr Allard was prior US VP of Medical Affairs at Sanofi and Chief Medical Officer of EpiCept/Immune Pharmaceuticals. He led development for Ambien and Eloxatin and was responsible for European approval of Ceplene.

E. Robert Wassman, MD

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Wassman has pioneered the introduction of genetic testing and personalized medicine for over 30 years. His focus has been on the translation and delivery of cutting-edge diagnostic technology to clinical service in the areas of reproductive medicine, rare cell/non-invasive diagnostics, and Next Generation DNA sequencing spanning clinical disciplines of reproductive genetics, cancer and companion diagnostics, and neurodevelopmental disabilities including autism.

He has served as Chief Medical Officer for multiple companies in this space including Genzyme Genetics, Lineagen, Rosetta Genomics, Generation Health, Helicos Biosciences, Good Start Genetics, Celula, Ambry Genetics, Alfigen. He has co-founded several successful ventures, and served as a consultant to a wide variety of entities ranging from clinical laboratories, IVD and Biotech companies, investor groups, regulatory agencies, and legal firms. Currently he serves as a senior executive advisor to a number of start-ups and other clients.

He is a graduate of Yale University and Albany Medical College and Board Certified in Pediatrics and Medical Genetics.

Dr. Jean Kadouche

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Kadouche was head of the Immunology Department at Saint-Louis and HEGP (Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou) Hospitals, Paris. Consultant for Roche, Ortho-Diagnostic, Merck AG

Founder / Co-Founder of Clonatec, Novagali, MAT BioPharma and Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc..Dr. Kadouche is the founder of MAT Biopharma (“MAT” below) and former Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to that, he was a strategic consultant for the monoclonal antibody department of Merck’s International Diagnostic Division.  Licensing Director at Sangstat Medical Europe, Scientific Consultant with Roche Molecular Systems in France and Scientific Consultant at Ortho-Diagnostic of Johnson & Johnson.

He has also co-founded Clonatec, one of the first French biotech companies.

Ian Horn, Ph.D.

Sr. Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

Ian Horn, Ph.D. is our Sr. Vice President of Manufacturing Operations and is responsible for NuView’s manufacturing subsidiary, US Radiopharmaceuticals, in Denton TX. Dr. Horn received his Ph.D. in Physical/Inorganic chemistry at the University of Leicester in the UK and has worked in the nuclear industry for over 25 years. Dr. Horn is the joint patent holder of a method to produce high specific activity Sn-117m as a cardiovascular theranostic and an expert on radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Edmund Yochum

Vice-President Business Development

An experienced sales and marketing executive adept at providing business development solutions in medical diagnostic and therapeutic services. Mr. Yochum brings a well-established track record in both clinical (Department Head, Nuclear Medicine / Ultrasound, Heart Institute of Miami) and 35 years commercial experience as a Vice President of Sales & Marketing  (Sonics Imaging, Diasonics, Loredan Biomedical, Mobile PET of San Diego, and Zevacor Molecular). Degreed in Radiology / Broward College and is Board Registered Radiology / Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Ultrasound.  His medical experience specializes in both domestic and foreign commercial services in the cardiology, radiology, nuclear medicine, in vitro molecular (liquid biopsy), isotope delivery and development, molecular AP lab and the mobile services medical device industry. A well-respected professional who has cultivated strong relationships with industry and clinical leaders.